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LED display basic knowledge question and answer


A, what is the real pixel screen, what is a virtual screen?

Real pixel screen is corresponding with the virtual screen. In simple terms, pixel screen means constitutes a red, green and blue LED display each of the three light-emitting tube light-emitting tube only participate in a pixel imaging using, in order to obtain enough brightness.
Virtual screens is to use the software algorithm to control each color light-emitting tube eventually involved in multiple adjacent pixels image, which use less tubes for larger resolution, can make the display resolution of about four times.
B, what is a static screen, what is scanning the screen?
Static screen is corresponding to the scanning screen, static is refers to the LED display screen when the display text, images, video, LED display lights on the spot when the display is light flashing at the same time; Rather than scanning the screen using the persistence of vision characteristic of human eye, in a very short period of time will LED display all light respectively. As we all know, the LED display is driven using the duty ratios, so, the brightness of the display has a lot to do with light time cycle. So, at the same brightness light-emitting tube the same cases, static screen is higher than scanning the brightness of the screen, so commonly used static screen need high brightness in the outdoor show, the scanning screen used in the interior of brightness demand is not high, in order to save cost driver.
C, LED display screen using a virtual display technology will reduce the brightness?
LED linear virtual technology is for the resolution of the LED large screen in the same condition, the reduction of the number of tubes used demand and developed a patented technology, the virtual technology is the application software algorithms to make full use of pixels on the LED display tubes, duty cycle and output characteristic of light-emitting diodes and persistence of vision characteristic of human eye, to take on the brightness of the lamp, piecewise display different, that the pixel number of the same conditions, can display about four times the size of content. Using virtual technology is, of course, will cause a degree of brightness is reduced, in order to solve the brightness to reduce defects, linear virtual technology to make full use of ZhongQing ZhongQing launch control system, control chip, chip with constant current characteristic, optimize virtual algorithm, makes the whole screen brightness loss minimum, almost to the naked eye.

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