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The advantage of full-color LED large screen popular


One, from a functional point of view: the purpose of advertising is propaganda, attract attention, to the audience deep impression, exquisite picture is important, and through a variety of creative, change, also can receive good effect. And outdoor full color LED screen form than neon lights, advertising purposes.

Second, from the aspects of brightness said: under the condition of outdoors in direct sunlight, need 5000 CD brightness, indoors around 1000 CD is enough, there are half outdoor ranges from the middle, this is the consensus of the industry.
Three, from the point of view of reliability and life expectancy: LED large screen depends mainly on the life of a light-emitting tube life. Light-emitting tube is refers to the life of a luminotron light intensity drops to half of the nominal value of time. Long-life light-emitting tube, like the military electronic devices, the price is much higher. Luminous GuanGuang strong attenuation with the pipe quality, the relationship between the working current and working environment is very big, even famous brand long-life tube, if inappropriate working status, will also shorten the service life, these are related to the cost.
Four, as said, resolution or the resolution depends on the density of pixels, in the cost of LED large screen, pixel costs accounted for more than half. Therefore, pixel cost reduction is the most attractive, or dynamic pixels pixel division technology is commonly used method.
The above four aspects is outdoor full color LED screen advantages, and of course in grayscale, refresh rate and dynamic range, etc. Screen data bandwidth for commercial use, should be to select from the perspective of cost performance, commercial advertising to the multimedia class is given priority to, simple text graphics can use simple level. So that is why so popular outdoor full color LED screen, LED large screen is widely used!

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