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LED lighting market matures in 2016


LED lighting market in 2016 entered the mature period: the LED display manufacturers lighting market in the world before 2016 elderly into maturity, faces two stage development bottleneck. First of all, the price is too high, the market of products, such as insufficient cognition factors, difficult to break through the bottleneck, 20% market penetration seepage rate in the long term, incandescent light bulbs, LED lighting products in the global government also activate disabled policies, combined with the future new homes built in LED lighting, emerging markets such as China rural reconstruction lighting needs, and the urbanization pace speed up promote the LED advertisement light box build positive factors such as LED, LED lighting era is just around the corner. 

Global population growth and demand, energy saving trend of three dimensions of analysis in the next decade the global LED lighting market growth trend, Taiwan's price of LED display lighting companies since June 2011, sharply into advertising marketing budget, education consumers directly, advance product awareness, indirect high sales amount, 35% ~ 50% per month on a range of growth. Lighting output value accounts for the factory of epitaxial and FengZhuangChang product mix proportion, less than 10% from early 2011, growing to 2012 Q1 even 25%. Because the LED light source with high color, high plasticity and other characteristics, used in the outdoor lighting, outdoor display screen penetration seepage rate has reached 90%, and ZhanEn in policy subsidies on street lights, LED outdoor lighting growth will also lead all kinds of lighting.
Expensive, less than factors such as brightness, on the other hand, is the biggest stumbling block to block LED household lighting market, about 8 to 10 years to achieve 50% market penetration of the leakage rate. Estimate LED household lighting, wait until after 2016 will enter the market maturity. In LED lighting, even if growth is slow, but the market vision established, five years is expected to struggle LED industrial light a lamp that new beacon. Billiton pointed out that the region will become the biggest growth area LED lighting requirements. 
In the Japanese market, for example, 311 earthquake caused power shortage crisis, makes the Japanese LED display lighting market in early 2014 years ago into the mature period. In addition, central and South America countries include Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, venezuela has banned incandescent lamp, inadequate supply also promoted energy-saving lighting products demand, coupled with low specification for LED lighting products, is expected to become various high-power LED chip radiator manufacturers one of the major areas of the layout in the future. After crossing the threshold to explode into rapid growth period. Second, subject to the service life of the LED products for up to 20000 hours, only need to change about eight to ten years, under the influence of after market penetration seepage rate of growth to 40%, could once again face the replacement cycle is too long, makes the weak demand and fall into the predicament of the stagnation.

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