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LED display and outdoor media value comparison


     LED display is different from the traditional outdoor media, LED display all the value is not only a traditional outdoor media, it also has properties and advantages of TV media. Full-color LED display is not only an extension of the outdoor media and TV media, it has a larger creative space and broader interaction and communication with consumers in time and space, and stereo space, can meet the personalized needs, with the spread of digital era concept, is a unique form of the screen.

    Of all the advertising media, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of media. And trade at the same time it is born and rooted in the city, it and the urban people's economic, cultural and social life is closely linked, it is a medium for brand and product, it is a prosperous city beautiful logo. These features formed the unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.
    These unique value make full-color LED display logical to become new outdoor media. Such as New York's times square CBD core area and rows of LED display manufacturer in shenzhen of ginza in Tokyo, Japan not only have the function of advertising marketing, is the world famous enterprise status symbol - the dominant enterprises of different industries to broadcast advertising here, at the same time broadcast advertising companies have here make people perceive its brand position in the world.
     LED display is in the global rapid development in 1990 s new information display media, it is a combination of modern high-tech, energy saving, environmental protection, colorful, wide dynamic picture and text, visual display and so on a series of advantages. Large outdoor LED advertising screen area, visual effect, can attract audience's attention, is the new combination of media and technology. These changes made unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.
    With all due to it is a kind of novel electronic dynamic graphic dot matrix display screen, is a kind of put in the public can the continuous work of information release media work, is a kind of can foil atmosphere, excellent ornament decorated environment, is a consumer forefront attract millions of advertising tool. Both individual JingShangHu to big brand manufacturers to use led electronic scrolling display to attract customers, introduce products, display products spleen and decoration for the environment.
    LED display application has a very wide range, according to life almost any need to change color or font changes use LED screen display requirements. Using LED display advertising, not only is beautiful city, also makes the whole city's grades have improved.

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