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The certification requirements of LED electronic products


     Along with the rapid development of China's LED industry, LED product certification is beginning to show its importance, China is gradually developed to the global LED lighting products production base and export base, with a large LED lighting enterprise will be of high quality LED products to all over the world. The LED lighting product certification standard is as follows:

    North American certification: UL certification UL is the civilian security testing agency (UnderwriterLaboratoriesInc.) by underwriters laboratories for product safety certification. It is mainly for a variety of equipment, systems and materials for safety testing and inspection. Products passed and securing a place in the UL certification is entering the north American market. UL standard, in general, can be divided into: the requirements of product structure, to the requirements of the product's use of raw materials, components for use in product requirements, requirement for test equipment and test methods, the product logo and specification requirement, etc. Now has become one of the world's most strict certification UL certification.
    Certification, eu CE certification CE mark is a kind of security authentication marks, is seen as manufacturers open the passport and enter the European market. All products with "CE" mark is domestic sales in the European Union members, do not need to conform to the requirements of each member, so as to realize the free circulation of goods within the eu member states. Market in the eu "CE" mark belongs to the compulsory certification mark, if you want to free circulation in the eu market, must be labeled with "CE", to show that products comply with the eu "technical coordination and standardized new method" basic requirements of the directive.
    China certification: CCC certification The 3 c certification marks for the name of the "China compulsory certification" (English name is "ChinaCompulsoryCertification", English abbreviation as "CCC", can also be referred to as "3 c" logo.) , certification marks are allowed the "directory" in products factory sales, import and use the certification mark, indicating that the product safety and electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic radiation in accordance with the standards set by the state who sells on the market in our country belongs to the compulsory certification of products must be forced through the certification.
    International certification, CB certification, Is the IECEE CB certification (the international electrotechnical commission electrical product safety certification organization) for a certification system, it mainly for wire and cable, electrical switch 14 class products, household appliances, etc. Have CB sign means that the manufacturers of electronic products have passed the NCB (international certification body) detection, according to the principle of mutual recognition of test results, the home, the members of the IECEECB system achieved CB test book can apply for a certificate of other member states, and use the corresponding authentication qualified marks. Is the IECEE CB system established a system of electrical products the global mutual recognition. Businesses use from any member of the certification body to CB test certificate and apply for certification in other countries, can from repeatability test, recognised by other member states of the certification body, resulting in the market here in the country.
    In addition to the above product certification standards, also including China CQC voluntary certification, the Canadian standards association (CSA) product safety certification (TUV), Germany Rhine technical supervision company product safety and quality certification, the United States federal communications commission (FCC) electromagnetic interference standard certification, etc. Some may need certification standards.

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